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Welcome to Live With Flair

Any time is the ideal time to add a little flair to your world. With so many incredible activities taking place, picnics, ice cream making, gardening and decorating all are something that you’re going to want to get your fingers into in a big way. Get ideas for gifts from the kitchen, helpful products and how to’s, or buy our unique chalkboard labels to help to organize your home.

Live With Flair offers help with tips, ideas and outstanding community assistance to get you moving in the right direction. Even if you’re completely new to the decorating, crafting, cooking and baking scene, these easy to use tips and unique products such as our chalkboard labes can give you a little help when you need it.

Live with Flair is your how-to site for learning a few new tricks and sharing some of your own.
Welcome to a whole new way of decorating, of cooking and of living your life. . . with flair.
Living with flair isn’t about spending a lot of money to get a certain style, living in the most expensive or expansive home or about cooking with ingredients for which you pay a ton of money.

Live with Flair offers you smart products that can help you to make things a little more stylish, such as our unique chalkboard labels, designed by Rachel Aw, one of the Live with Flair founders. The chalkboard labels can be used in a wide range of ways, with the ideas found on our LWF blog.

Living with Flair is about taking what you have and making it amazing. . . making it your own.


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Cooking, baking, preserving what you grow and those old time recipes that you just can’t find.



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Where to go and what to do, even how to get there is covered in the Travel and Leisure section.



Home Decorating

Accessorizing, creating, ideas and color influences are explored in our Home Decorating Category.





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Home maintenance tips and ideas to help keep your home looking good and your environment healthy.





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Greening up your lifestyle may not be as difficult as you’d think. Find out more in Green Living.





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As with so many religious holidays, they often began as celebrations created much earlier by either pagans or early European societies like the Saxons or Romans. Before Christianity became well established, many pagan societies had their own spring celebrations and rituals. After the long winter when plants and animals were dormant, spring heralds the rebirth […]

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An office at home can be such a pleasure, but it can also be the bane of your existence. In other words, it can be the room you really don’t want to enter or work in. Why? Because of the clutter! This is especially true if you are running a business from home or work […]

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Use Recycled Containers for Sowing Seeds

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When it comes to organizing the kitchen with labels, most people think about their spice jars. Labels, however, can have a much more profound impact on kitchen order. It’s easy to get creative with them and accomplish a lot. Designing and Printing Your Own Labels The first and probably the most exciting aspect of using […]

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