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About Us

Hi There! We are Rachel and Ed (Edward) Aw and we want to welcome you to our store. 

As a married woman, mother and friend you would love to live with flair. To live with style.

It all begins in your home. Your home needs to be a place of warmth, rest and peace. A place where you can express yourself. You can decorate your house in the way that you are. A place where you can invite your friends and they appreciate how it exudes your personality - your style. Live with Flair gives you creative ideas and products in how to create YOUR perfect home. Creative ideas on how to do your gardening, how to cook healthy and how to live green.

Your pets also need to feel at home. That's why Live with Flair offers stylish pet products for your dogs and cats. So they can feel at ease too.

When we started this journey, we wanted our efforts to fulfill two things.

First, we want to have products that really add flair to the lives of you, our customers. We are not interested in audacious things that make a huge splash. Instead, we desire to market products that will communicate your uniqueness and personality. They are an extension of you. Another touch that tells the world about you.

Second, we want to show compassion to others. We don't believe that being in business is all about the bottom line and how much money we can make. We believe that being blessed to make money means that we are to share that blessing with others. To that end, a portion of our sales goes towards relieving the suffering of others. We are involved in things like flood relief, blanket and food distribution, and providing educational opportunities. We do this locally, nationally, and internationally. Every purchase you make helps make a difference in the world.

We hope you will become part of our family and join us on our adventure.

Feel free to comment and interact with us. We would love to start a relationship with you. We are also on Facebook and Twitter.

Have a Live with Flair day!

Rachel Aw
President and Home Schooling Mom

Live with Flair LLC